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Purple Ram Gin from the Yorkshire Dales Distillery is The Juniper Club February 2018 Gin of the Month.

Distilled with local mineral water and a host of local botanicals this great gin can be enjoyed neat or paired with Mediterranean Tonic and fresh grapefruit.

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Treat yourself or a loved one to Craft Gin!

Just £35 per month for Craft Gin delivered to your door.

Choose from Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Deliveries.

Sign up by the 4th of the month to receive Gin in the middle of the same month.

Members get the option each month to ‘Add On’ a Tonic & Garnish box to complement the Gin or stick with #justgin

Thinking about a Gin Subscription for a Birthday or special occasion? Keen to know if you can make a specific date?

Drop us an email with your details and question and we will get back to you.


Receive a different gin delivery every month

£35 for 1 bottle every Month


Receive a different gin delivery every 2 months

£35 for 1 bottle every 2 Months


Receive a different gin delivery every 3 months

£35 for 1 bottle every 3 Months

*New* – Gin of the Month ‘Add On’ option

Starting from May 2017 our Gin Subscription members receiving Gin in that month will be offered the option of a ‘Gin of the Month Add On’ – this optional extra will contain Tonics and garnishes to match the Gin of the Month and will be sent along with the Gin to arrive mid month as […]

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By Gin Lovers, for Gin Lovers.

Gin is, at its simplest, a spirit flavoured with a variety of botanicals, with the predominant flavour being Juniper. Despite that simple start, it is a spirit with a long and turbulent history, as well as a vibrant present and future.

While gin is often seen as England’s traditional spirit, its origins are very much from over the sea. Juniper has been used to flavour spirits almost since the invention of distillation, both for its perceived medicinal qualities as well as its flavour, but it is only since the 17th century that the beginnings of modern gin started to appear.

The invention of genever, Dutch-style gin, is often attributed to Franciscus Sylvius in the early-mid 1600s. However, gin’s current story starts when it hopped the English channel, and became well known in Britain after William of Orange took the English throne in 1688. Due to a low taxation, locally produced gin was cheap to make and thus cheap to buy – gin’s popularity exploded.

Did you know?

Juniper has been used for more than 1,000 years as a medicine to treat rheumatism, arthritis, loss of appetite (as well as overactive appetite) and gout

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